Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keep Your Chin Up

Well I am still without internet at my apartment so my updates are few and far between.  Anyways last week I ran alot, did a long run this past Sunday of 3.65 miles and then woke up on Monday and had almost totally lost my voice.  I ran a quick 2.25 mile loop with 2 girls from work.  I felt ok Monday and Tuesday but sounded awful. Then Wednesday the sinuses kicked in and for the past two days I haven't felt that great, not awful but not great.  I'm hoping to get this through my system by this weekend so I can ski and get back into running.

As you may have read, Shannon got some bad news on Saturday and was pretty upset about it.  I talked to her and reassured her it's all ok.  I think we are all better off on taking it slow and seeing how our bodies respond.  I mean for all we know in 3 months I could be sidelined or Jocelyn could be too.  Yes I want to run that marathon but more than anything I want to do it with my two best friends.  Shannon and I were talking about scaling back and doing the half-marathon in May instead.  That's still a big accomplishment and then we could do the full marathon in NYC in November.  I know Jocelyn and Shannon really want to do the NYC marathon.  I think before we make any final decisions we should see how the next 2 months go, see how Shannon heals and go from there.

Shannon you have not let me down in anyway, I just want to run with you any distance you can go and same for Jocelyn!  Keep your chin up ladies it's just one day at a time!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well it's been too long!  I still don't have internet at my apartment so it's been hard to measure my runs and update my blog.  Here's a quick recap: On Saturday I ran my 2.25 mile loop and it felt GREAT!  Nice and easy, no struggling to breath at all.  I decided the next day I would go out for a longer run.  So Sunday I did a 3.65 mile loop in about 40 minutes which is good time for me.  I then did a set of hill repeats.  A friend mentioned that the best way to acclimate is to run hills.  So I did 10 hill repeats and then called it quits.  I got a solid hour workout in and felt great.  

Monday I started training for my job and discovered that I would have one day before taking my licensing road test!  So I didn't run Monday or Tuesday because I was THE first person to test in Tuesday and I was freaking out!  Thankfully I passed and got that over and done with.  I was able to get up Wednesday and get in a quick 2.25 mile run before training.  It would have gone faster but I didn't eat anything before I went and was starving about 3/4 of a mile into the run.  I ended up grabbing some snow off a tree branch to try and curb the hunger pains, that only helped for about 5 minutes.  I spent the rest of the run debating whether or not I would pull off a tree branch and naw on it for some here for 10 days and I'm already turning into a mountain woman!

I'm going running tomorrow morning before work and hopefully get in two long runs this weekend.  Jocelyn's gotten some new inspiration this week but sadly Shannon has gone missing!  Vegan where are you? How's the hip? WHAT'S SHAKIN!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Five Degrees

Well i've been here for about 6 days an I've run 3 times so far. I've just been running the same 2.25 mile loop. The second run was good I shaved 3 minutes off my time but it still didn't feel very easy.

Today I got up at 6:30 and went out again. It snowed tuesday night thru wednesday morning so it was my first snowy run. It was also a balmy 5 degrees outside! I bundled up and headed out. You may think me a freak but it felt so good to run in the cold again. It takes time for you body to adjust aka go numb but I really enjoyed it. I'm going to have to invest in a brighter colored vest to wear so I'm not decked out in black. Mmmmm shopping for running stuff that's my favorite!

Monday, November 3, 2008

First Run at 8100 Feet!

Well it's official I am now a resident of Colorado!  My parents and I left California Thursday evening and drove to Nevada then into Colorado the following day.  Saturday was spent moving into my new apartment and getting the lay of the land.  I am working at Beaver Creek Resort for the winter as a shuttle bus driver.  This is also where the bulk of my marathon training is going to occur.  I knew the elevation would effect me but I didn't know how much.  Yesterday I got up around 7ish and had a banana and yogart before I headed out for my run.  It's going to take me some time to scope out good routes that aren't straight uphill, but I won't have any problem finding a place to do hill repeats!

I don't have internet in my apartment yet so it wasn't until today that I got to measure how far I went.  I'm managed 2.25 miles in 30 minutes.  I didn't run the whole thing but about 90% of it and yes I was huffing and puffing!  There were a couple of times when I felt like I couldn't get any air into my lungs despite how deep or often I was breathing.  It was also a brisk 46 degrees which I am accustomed to yet.  By the end of the run though I was nice and warm and hitting my stride.  I'm hoping that in about 2 weeks my runs will get easier and I can start adding more distance to them.  For now I am going to keep running this route and depending one how I feel add more distance to it.  

Congrats to Shannon running 6 miles for the first time!  She noted not feeling so well after her 2nd 6mile run.  I think it was a lack of sodium probably.  There are lots of things you have to start to consider when you go on longer runs, when you sweat you lose salt and you need that for your muscles to function.  There are salt tablets you can take or probably some gatorade either before or after your run would do the trick too.  I had a similar experience to her's earlier this fall.  It was the first run I went for in Ukiah and we did 4.5 miles or so.  It was hot and I was sweating pretty good.  I ended up getting a migraine and feeling really weak.  I thought I was dehydrated but totally forgot about the lack of salt in my breakfast that day. 

Keep running strong ladies!