Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well it's been too long!  I still don't have internet at my apartment so it's been hard to measure my runs and update my blog.  Here's a quick recap: On Saturday I ran my 2.25 mile loop and it felt GREAT!  Nice and easy, no struggling to breath at all.  I decided the next day I would go out for a longer run.  So Sunday I did a 3.65 mile loop in about 40 minutes which is good time for me.  I then did a set of hill repeats.  A friend mentioned that the best way to acclimate is to run hills.  So I did 10 hill repeats and then called it quits.  I got a solid hour workout in and felt great.  

Monday I started training for my job and discovered that I would have one day before taking my licensing road test!  So I didn't run Monday or Tuesday because I was THE first person to test in Tuesday and I was freaking out!  Thankfully I passed and got that over and done with.  I was able to get up Wednesday and get in a quick 2.25 mile run before training.  It would have gone faster but I didn't eat anything before I went and was starving about 3/4 of a mile into the run.  I ended up grabbing some snow off a tree branch to try and curb the hunger pains, that only helped for about 5 minutes.  I spent the rest of the run debating whether or not I would pull off a tree branch and naw on it for some here for 10 days and I'm already turning into a mountain woman!

I'm going running tomorrow morning before work and hopefully get in two long runs this weekend.  Jocelyn's gotten some new inspiration this week but sadly Shannon has gone missing!  Vegan where are you? How's the hip? WHAT'S SHAKIN!!!!!

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BX Kid said...

<3 love love love you. Good runs!! I wish I could run that far. I think I've figured out how to slowing increase distance :)