Thursday, November 20, 2008

Keep Your Chin Up

Well I am still without internet at my apartment so my updates are few and far between.  Anyways last week I ran alot, did a long run this past Sunday of 3.65 miles and then woke up on Monday and had almost totally lost my voice.  I ran a quick 2.25 mile loop with 2 girls from work.  I felt ok Monday and Tuesday but sounded awful. Then Wednesday the sinuses kicked in and for the past two days I haven't felt that great, not awful but not great.  I'm hoping to get this through my system by this weekend so I can ski and get back into running.

As you may have read, Shannon got some bad news on Saturday and was pretty upset about it.  I talked to her and reassured her it's all ok.  I think we are all better off on taking it slow and seeing how our bodies respond.  I mean for all we know in 3 months I could be sidelined or Jocelyn could be too.  Yes I want to run that marathon but more than anything I want to do it with my two best friends.  Shannon and I were talking about scaling back and doing the half-marathon in May instead.  That's still a big accomplishment and then we could do the full marathon in NYC in November.  I know Jocelyn and Shannon really want to do the NYC marathon.  I think before we make any final decisions we should see how the next 2 months go, see how Shannon heals and go from there.

Shannon you have not let me down in anyway, I just want to run with you any distance you can go and same for Jocelyn!  Keep your chin up ladies it's just one day at a time!


BX Kid said...

Whoa whoa whoa! Who said I want to do the NYC marathon? I think I wouldn't make it across the bridges. I'm still down for doing the marathon in May or whatever. Just let me know. I'm joining a gym in December so I will be in marathon shape by May, don't you worry. If you want to hold off though and run one with all three of us I understand, but I think no matter what I'm going to try to make it to the one in May. I set this goal for myself and I really can't back out now :)

shannon said...

:) i love you guys. we'd be lucky to all run nyc.. don't they do that by lottery? before you know it that'll be 8 months away! wasn't it 8 months from May when we decided to run san diego?

i miss you guys so much