Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ok so for those of you who have ever trained for any kind of endurance event, even a simple 5K I'm sure you've encountered them, "The Rainman."
I am not a big fan of ranting on blogs but it's enviable that you will encounter some situation in which you just have to vent and since this one is related to my marathon this is where I'm gonna vent.
So there is this guy at work, he's an older gentleman and he has run some marathons.  On my 7 mile run day I went through the office on the way home to get a drink of water.  He was there on the computer and that's when he discovered I was training for a marathon.  He asked what my longest run was and I announced (with pride) that is was today's 7 miles.  He asked when the marathon was and then the rain came down on my parade.  He proceeded to give me unsolicited advice on how hard it was going to be and how far behind I was in my training.  I was as polite as I could be and headed home.  Well of course who do I see all the time now? RAINMAN!  
Every time he sees me, "What's your longest run?"  At least I've been able to announce longer runs each time but he is still shaking his head at me and telling me how far behind I am.  Then yesterday he proceeded to mention that he might be in San Diego around the marathon. Oh joy just what I want at the end of the greatest achievement in my athletic career, you shaking your head at me looking for vindication that you were in fact right. Seriously dude I'm not trying to win the damn thing I just want to finish!
Ok so here's the rant, Why must you rain on my parade?  This is my personal decision to run this marathon, it has nothing to do with speed or time, I just want to cross the finish line and know that I pushed and succeeded.  I want to hold my friend's hand and look at her and say, "We did it!"  So why do you, Mr. Former Marathoner, feel the need to be so negative towards me?  I know I am more sensitive to it than most but still I am the one who has to suffer through the marathon, not you.  And why must you be around every corner?  In the bus while I'm the attendant and I have to talk to you every 20 minutes? Or in the suburban driving up to the Wolf Lot with me? Egads man get a life and go away!
And what is with the people who react horrified and offended when you tell them you are training for a marathon.  As if you're announcement is an invitation for them to join you.  Who hasn't experienced the, "Yeah I'm training for a marathon," "That's insane! I would never do that! That's ridiculous!"  Well Miss ShockedandHorrified, I think I said that I AM training for a marathon not that I am recruiting for my marathon running cult.

Anyone else experience this? Please share!

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Jocelyn said...

Oh lord. I will personally come back out to CO and SMACK that man. Jerkface. You should just tell him to back off and let you do your own thing and that he is NOT invited to watch. No one needs a debbie downer to follow them around. forget that noise!
You are doing so awesome! I am so proud of you and you should be too! Its so amazing that you are training at like 10,000 feet (how whatever elevation). YOu have been going up and down hills. I bet that guy trained at elevation and just is raining on you because hes so old that it takes him twice as long to train! Bull!