Monday, March 23, 2009

Rest Week

So after the most amazing run of my life I had 2 very unamazing runs. I promised myself a rest week after I hit 10 miles and the timing couldn't have been better. I am fighting with all my might not getting sick so trying for a long run this week would have been disaster.

Instead I did one hill repeat workout and one short run. My hill repeat workout was basically me running 2.8 miles straight uphill, I walked then ran, walked than ran and repeated that. It was a 45 minute workout and a solid effort so I was pleased. Then yesterday I was going to go out for a longish run, 5 to 6 miles, before work. It was a disaster, my mind and body were totally disconnected. I was really angry because I wanted a solid run and instead walked most of it. I'm way to hard on myself sometimes and freaked out that after running 10 miles I had rested too long and was now screwed.

The guy I'm seeing calmed me down after the run and made me see that since my body is fighting off being sick it's not going to have much energy for a run. He was totally right, I was just too caught up in wanting to have another amazing run to give myself a break. Another co-worker pointed out, "At least you went out for a run!" Which is a good point, I tried, it wasn't what I had hoped it would be but some effort is better than no effort right?

We are getting hit with a big snow storm right now so we'll see how conditions are tomorrow for a post work run. This week though I am going for 12 miles probably on Saturday so wish me luck!

And big ups to Jocelyn for running 10 miles tonight! You make me so proud I could cry lover!

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Jocelyn said...

WOOOOO!!! I love you!
Chin up, you are rocking your runs. Everyone has bad runs. You are freakin amazing. I'm just trying to keep up with you!
Hills are amazingly hard. You go girl!