Sunday, March 29, 2009

So close...

Well after a rest from running this week I decided to hit it hard and go for 12 miles today. I have been skiing all week, because we've gotten hit with this FANTASTIC storm! 35 inches of new snow in 7 days, and I got in 4 powder days this week! I could not be happier. Yesterday I wanted to do my long run but I've had 4 days in a row where I've had to be at work before the sun was up so needless to say yesterday I was a bit tired so I relaxed at home. I worked 6am to 10am this morning and it was a nice sunny day so I decided to go for it.

First of all I have to say that I didn't give myself enough of a time buffer for this run. I wanted to start at 11 but didn't leave until 11:45 and I had to be at work at 2:15. The first 6 miles were fantastic, I felt great, nice pace, very comfortable and fun. Then as I neared my turn around point the wind picked up which was great to get me to my turn around. However I turned around and ran smack into the wind. I felt the extra effort and I definatly had to work much harder. My back fatigued much earlier than I had expected and that made it even more difficult to finish the run. Mentally I was on top of it though, I kept myself up beat and pushing forward.

It is very clear to me now that I have to focus more on strengthing my core and back, it's going to play a huge roll on finishing this race in May. I also became very aware that my runs are reaching to point where I shouldn't be running without water or gatorade. I was really thirsty today and there was only so much snow I could eat to compensate. This week I'm going to go in search of a water bottle lumbar pack. If anyone has any recommendations I'd greatly appreciate it!

The end of the run was really painful, my feet hurt and my back was fatigued, I also ran out of time so I couldn't push for the full 12 but instead I did 11.7 miles, close enough? I am going to try for 13 next week but only after I get in 2 mid-distance runs this week. I was reading my Runner's World and discovered that my long runs should be half of my total weekly distance. Lately I've just been doing my long runs and 1 or 2 3 mile runs, definatly time to up the mileage!

Congrats to Jocelyn for finally getting to Central Park for a run. It's amazing how different the road is compared to a treadmill!


Jocelyn said...

Damn, sounds like you had a lot t work through on your run! I'm so proud of you though. Thats beyond sexy. You'll work that 13 miles next week or sure. Lemme know what you find the way of packs to run with water...I need to get something too!

shannon said...

aww i love you lyds. you girls are so amazing i can't wait to all be together in san diego. work that core! do yoga! i feel like a freaking steel pole after my bikram class. and my legs! i've never been proud of my legs before, but they look different now, its interesting to see how your body changes!

Jennifer said...

Awesome job on the run. Makes me want to get out there and join you.