Sunday, January 18, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

Greetings all! Well I went for a great run yesterday, 5.8 miles! I didn't time myself but I would estimate that it was around 1 hr 15 mins. I had gone for a quick 2 mile run the week earlier and was so frustrated by my headphones. I've had problems with my iPod ear buds ever since I got them, they just don't stay on my ears. I think my ears are too small for them so they pop out. I have been looking for new headphones for awhile but with no luck. I finally found a pair that I love and took them out yesterday. It led me to think about my other favorite running items. I thought I'd post about them.

My new Nike Vapor Headphones, they stay in place and are very comfortable!

My Sporthill Running Shirt, this thing is the best! I found it on SteepandCheap, it has an arm pocket for my ipod with a slit in it for the headphone cord so the cord doesn't flop around on the outside. It also has a back pocket big enough for my cell phone, keys and a snack. The fleece lining and windproof fabric keep me really warm and the cut fits amazng and never rides up! Definatly look at Backcountry's Outlet to find the best deals on thier products.
My new Athleta Walkabout Tights, a late Xmas gift from my parents, they are pretty warm consisdering they're just spandex and the waistband doesn't dig in to my still soft tummy ;-) I love that they are a tight fight but the kind of tight that makes your body feel solid. Not to mention the cool reflective designs to keep me safe in low light runs. P.S. I LOVE Athleta's products, a bit $$ but I would have to argue that the products are worth it.
My Mizuno Wave Inspire Running shoes, they make pounding the pavement that much easier. I love how light they are and good my feet feel in them, thanks to Fleet Feet in Santa Rosa for getting me outfitted with these bad boys!
So these are just a fwe of my favorite things, I hope they either inspire you or help you find some of your own favorite things.

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BX Kid said...

ohhhhh pretty. I want to go on a runners gear spending spree! You must look hot when you go running! :)