Monday, January 5, 2009

Why do you run in 2009?

So it is the new year and with a new year comes new goals. I thought I'd write about mine but more importantly about why I run and will run in 2009.

I run because I want to call myself a finisher
I run because one day I will do an Ironman
I run because it makes me feel good
I run because I make really good cookies and like to enjoy them!
I run because my dreams have changed
I run because I want to make my dreams come true
I run because someone broke my heart
I run because I know I can never run away from life instead I can run with it
I run because it's healing
I run because I know I deserve better
I run because I have something to prove to myself
I run because there's nothing like snowflakes falling on your face and watching your breath in front of you
I run because it makes skiing more fun
I run because I won't let life's happenings take me down
I run because I have two friends who are running with me
I run because I have great music to listen to 
I run because people believe in me
I run because I believe in me
I run because I have faith
And finally I run because I can.

So why do you run?


hopeful #1 said...

You also run because it makes you strong.

It puts things into perspective and it allows you to have a moment for yourself.

You run because you are a rockstar.

You run because you want to be YOU.

You run because there is no one stopping you.

You run because it makes us (family, friends and fellow runners) proud.

You run because you deserve it!

I don't run because I don't want to. It's just never something I wanted to do. I hated it in 7th grade when we had to run laps and I've hated it ever since. Bastard DeWess, messed it up for me for years to come!

BX Kid said...
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BX Kid said...

I run because of you
I run because I have a new found passion
I run because I have to proved that not even shine splits, blisters, cramps or surgery on a torn ACL can stop me from getting out there and doing something
I run because I want to be apart of the "runners world"
I run to prove myself wrong
I run because I want to visit San Diego
I run because it is the best high
I run because its the one thing I can do where I can be completely myself
I run because I don't have to spell while doing it
I run because there are some fine guys at the gym
I run because I like to

:) Keep it up girl

Love ya

I love reading your blogs, thanks for making a few posts, made my day

shannon said...

I run because I eat too many cupcakes
I run because you inspired me to
I run because I want aspire to be as sexy jocelyn
I run because I love you
I run because I want to
I run because Mei Mei looks forward to it
I run because no one believes I can do it
I am bad at this list thing but I've been meaning to respond for a while & I didn't want to put it off any longer! love you! keep it up. you inspire me in many ways. xoxo