Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dat hurts...

Normally I would be resting between strength training sessions but this week is a little funky so I opted to focus less on arms today and more on legs. I managed to get up this morning but it was a hell of a lot harder than it was yesterday. I got into bed later because my mind was going a million miles an hour so I got less sleep. It was cold this morning and I didn't have any emails indicating either of my compariots had braved the dark morning.

I knew I would regret not getting up so I went ahead and bit the bullet. This time I was a lot more prepared for getting ready for work and what I needed. Yesterday I was rushing a lot cause I didn't check the train schedule for after my workout. It wasn't the best session I've had at the gym before. I tried to start a couple of routines I like to do that are sweat and grunt inducing. Mentally I was not there though, I was bored and distracted. So I opted to do 3 sets of each exercise in different areas of the gym. I started with weighted lunges, then did some weighted single leg squats on a step, then some weighted step ups. Then I moved into the weight area where I was the only girl which isn't saying much since there was only one other guy there! I did leg presses and attempted some laying down pull ups. The last ditch effort at saving my workout was 3 sets of back extensions. By then it was 7:50, I'd done my 30 minutes so I hit the showers. The good news is I worked my legs cause they were shaking while I was getting dressed (makes it pretty awkward to put your pants on!).

No that I'm at work I am feeling the effects of yesterday's session, my obliques and triceps are sore. Probably tomorrow my legs will kick in, so I think I'll plan a nice bike ride to stretch them out. Unfortunatly it sounds like Jocelyn and Shannon both had rough mornings too. Jocelyn ran but took a spill on her way to work and is now nursing a sore muscle. Shannon is disappionted in an inital set back in her fitness goals. But hey ladies it's almost Friday! Today is my friday but tomorrow is yours and then it's the weekend! Wooot!!!!


BX Kid said...

Don't worry! I will be fine!!!! I went to TJmaxx and got some work out stuff and some elastic bands!!! lets do this! I still have every intention of running tomorrow!
Sorry I meant to email you this morning but with my knee being iced I just didn't even look at my computer until I got to the office.
<3 you!! We can do it!

shannon said...

i ran! did you?!