Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slow and Steady 5.24 miles!

So this week has been a bit crazy.  Monday I went swimming with Dad at the club.  We do the Master's workout which is an hour long and usually pretty tough.  I had wanted to run that day too but that workout always takes it out of me so I came home and focused on study for the GRE exam.  Tuesday I took the exam and I'm glad it's over!  I think I did ok but not great.  Hopefully it's enough to get me into where I want to go!

Today I headed out for a run, I didn't know how far I was going to go but figured I'd would decide on the way.  I felt really good but about a mile in started getting really thirsty. I realized that I probably hadn't hydrated enough before the run.  I was thinking I'd make it a shorter run then around 3 miles.  Then I realized I was next to the Mendicino County offices, which as most public buildings do, have a water fountain.  So I jogged in and hydrated a bit.  Then I decided to make it a longer run.  I didn't follow an iTunes workout this time, I took Shannon's advice and just decided to run.  I focused on running a steady pace for 10 minutes then walking for 2 minutes to see how that would feel. I felt really good and felt that I was actually going at a slightly faster past.  

I tried to really focus on how my body felt while I was running. I noticed my upper back fatiguing and tried to figure out why.  I think I need to improve my posture but I also found that when my back was fatiguing I was tensing my shoulders.  I focused on relaxing my shoulders throughout the run.  I also noticed that my legs fatigued a lot faster on the concrete sidewalk so I opted to run in the road for as much of the run as I could.

I finished 5.24 miles in over an hour but I feel good about the run.  I made the miles and I worked hard.  I hit my water spot twice which was a big help!  I keep fighting frustration because I want to see improvements instantly.  My biggest lesson in this whole process is going to be learning how to be patient. I keep telling myself, "you have plenty of time to get to 26.2."  I am really looking forward to getting to the point where I can go for an 8 mile run and run the whole thing.  That'll be a 2 margarita day!

How are my girls doing?  Shannon seems to be running really consistently and Jocelyn's working hard on getting her body on board.  Keep it  up ladies!


hopeful #1 said...

Just reading your blog makes me want to go and run. That won't happen but it sounds great while I'm reading about you and what you are doing!

Miss you Lydia!

BX Kid said...

Good job!! I have been slacking, but focusing on core/arms/legs.
I miss you

shannon said...

Wooo! Go you! That's longer than I've run yet!
Good thing to focus on what your body is telling you. I consciously have to keep my shoulders down and back because I shrug too. And I have to keep my diaphram relaxed and moving steady or I get that dreaded side cramp..
Have a safe drive to colorado!