Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've been bad...

So now having been "blog spanked" by both of my friends I am attempting to redeam myself. Yesterday was my rest day in between strength training days. I wasn't too sore but just sore enough to feel what I had worked the previous day which I always enjoy. It's quiet the esteem boost to walk around thinking "Oh I feel that, sweet I really did work my inner thighs/back/abs/chest." Or maybe it's just me but I enjoy it!

I got a text message from Jocelyn last night announcing that she was running the next morning. At 5:55am I got out of bed and saw a text from Shannon saying "I ran this morning, did you?" Let's keep in mind that everything I do occurs 3 hours later than my fellow east coasters but I still feel like I'm slacking! Maybe I should be getting up at 3am to join them on thier 6am runs?

Or maybe not :-P

Anyways I made it to the gym and did 30 minutes of strength training. I did the same routine as Tuesday but with slightly shorter rest periods and incresed the number of reps by 2 on a couple of sets. I was definatly sweating and tired by the end of so I really enjoyed my shower. I know tomorrow and Saturday I'm really going to feel it in my chest from the push ups and roll-ins. You know the saying "Hurts so good?" Well it does!

My Mom told me about a race in Ukiah next weekend called the Harvest Run, it's a 3 mile race supporting the High School Cross Country team. I'll do that Saturday morning and see what my current 5k time is. Nothing else too exciting going on, after tomorrow I will only have 3 days left at my job then I get a week off before I move to Colorado!

Tomorrow I plan on running in the morning, hopefully about 3 miles, before I head to work. Then Saturday will be a longer run or bike ride in Ukiah. Oh man all of a sudden i'm really to that!


BX Kid said...

AWESOME!!! You go girl! I'm running tomorrow! No excuses! You better run too...or no shecky's bag! hehehe.

Lydia said...

OH did you get one for me????!!!!!
I'll run I'll run!!!!
Please send it to 290 S. Highland Ave Ukiah CA 95482
ooo I'm so excitied does it have good stuff in it?

I'm such a nerd...

BX Kid said...

It tomorrow night!