Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rest Day

Greetins All!

Well today I've decided to take a rest day.  It's my Mom's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!) and my brother is in town for the weekend.  I'm also really tired and sore from this week.  Yesterday I was planning on a long bike ride but I ended up spending most of the day doing laundry and working on my bike.  It's been sitting for about 4 months now while I was in Alaska so it needs some tlc.  I re-wrapped my handlebars and tomorrow I'll re-attach my aero bars so I can go for a long ride.  I saw both Shannon and Jocelyn had trained so I knew I couldn't slack off.  So I put on my iPod around 5 and went for a 30 minute run.  I found these training aids on iTunes from NikePlus that I really like.  It's a track of music that has a variety of songs plus a coach directing you what to do.  The one I got is called "My Best 10K Beginner" it's 30 minutes broken up into 5 minute segments plus a section of lunges.  It's actually really helpful and a good workout!

Unfortunately yesterday for lunch I'd had a fairly large burrito and it was still sitting in my stomach during my run.  I felt ok until I had to start the fast sections, I stopped to walk a bit to ensure I didn't puke on the road.  So not he greatest run I've ever done in my life but still I logged miles and minutes so I'm happy. I logged 2.79 miles in 33 minutes which includes 3 shorter sections of walking.  Wow now that I look at that I'm really happy.  I usually run a 11 to 12 minute mile so maybe I'm speeding up a bit?  I'd love to run a 10 minute mile during the marathon.

So today I am baking cupcakes for my Mom, stretching and relaxing!  Tomorrow I will run, probably closer to 5 miles then Monday I may swim or ride my bike.  Congrats to Jocelyn and Shannon who have both been training and doing well.  I wish I could be there tomorrow to cheer you two on at the 5K!  Just remember, you can ALWAYS walk if you have to, there is no shame in that.  Start out slow so you can pick up the pace later and remember how it feels to cross that finish line, it's the best high ever!  


BX Kid said...

Nice babe! That is a great time! You are so amazing. I would have loved to eating that burrito for know me a mexican food have this amazing bond.
I'm very excited for tomorrow. We will call you after we are done and let you know how we finished the 5K still standing!!! :) <3

shannon said...