Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Still here!

I got lazy this weekend and didn't update my blog as regularly. Anyways Sunday I was going to run but it ended up being a rough day so I went for a hike with my family instead. It's that time of the month so I was on an emotional rollarcoaster this weekend.
Yesterday was good though I went to the Master's swim workout with Dad. We did about 2,000 yds in an hour and I was exhausted! I wanted to get in a short run but the workout was harder than I had antcipated. I cleaned up and got packed for the week instead.

I left a bit early so I could hit the Fleet Feet in Santa Rosa to get new running shoes. I got there 10mins before it closed and they were nice enough to help me get some shoes. I ended up with a pair of Mizuno Inspires. This is the first pair I've owned from this brand and I'm really excitied. They are very supportive and light.

Despite being really tired this morning I pulled myself out of bed and got to the gym. I did a routine I got from my Women's Health magazine earlier this year. It's a great routine that really works your whole body.

I really get a kick out other people at the gym sometimes. There was this guy next to me while I was working out and he was doing the weirdest stretches. He was swinging his hips around in a HUGE circle and then he started punching the air. It was hard for me not to crack a smile cause this guy was obviously trying to act like he lives at the gym but he was wearing these swim trunks with huge orange flowers on them. Then there was this other woman behind me who was standing there acting like a little kid who needs to go to the bathroom, bounching back and forth. It wasn't until I took a break that I noticed the tiny 1lb weights in her hands. It was really odd how there was plenty of room for each of us to spread out and have our own space yet these two yahoos were both within 3 feet of me. It made it really awkward for me to change from move to move.

Jocelyn finished her 5K! And in a very impressive time of 37 minutes, that's awesome for your first 5k! She commented on her blog that during the race she was thinking, "And I want to do 26 miles?!" I had that same experience this weekend too. I wasn't feeling too hot during my 3 mile run and I caught myself thinking, "Are you f*cking nuts?! You haven't even hit 2 miles and you want to go 26?!" Thankfully we still have 8 months before we have to do 26 and lots of training ahead of us. I'm looking forward to the day where I hit 10 miles and go, "Oh that's 10 miles? Sweet!" Keep on keeping on ladies!

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BX Kid said...

YEAH! You're back! I love you lady! Keep up the good work! You're going to be strong. Like those women on WWE...actually, please don't look like they do...I'll be scared!
I'm sitting here at work listening to my boss talk about him diet. Its pretty entertaining. Everything that he is just now doing because of what his nutritionist is tell him to do...I already do. Its second nature. Its really interesting to hear someone who just had no clue!